Education Activities

Autumn Tree Pruning Workshop March 2020
Autumn Tree Pruning Workshop March 2020

Our education subcommittee is busily preparing our education program for 2021. 2020 was a difficult year for the education program. Because of the CoVid-19 social distancing requirements and the continuing concern about the potential for community transmission, we suspended our normal face-to-face sessions. However, between July and December we were able to replace some of these with online Zoom sessions which proved to be very popular. In 2021 we will be continuing with a mix of both online Zoom sessions and face to face sessions as CoVid-19 restrictions allow. We will be offering an extended range of educational sessions in 2021.

Market Gardening. This is a fifteen month long course for budding commercial market gardeners starting on Sunday, 7 March 2021, at our site at 2 Dairy Road, Fyshwick. There will be an information session for those who are considering enrolling on Sunday, 14 February, at 2pm at Canberra City Farm, 2 Dairy Road, Fyshwick.

The purpose of this course is to provide practical training for those who wish to establish and operate a commercial organic market garden but have limited gardening skills and/or limited access to suitable land.

This is a part time course. At least 2 hours formal training will be delivered at CCF every Sunday for fifteen months but students would be expected to attend for longer hours as necessary to tend their plots and undertake the more practical aspects of the training.

For further information about the course, please email Keith Colls at You can hear an extended conversation between Keith Colls, Zina Richardson and Scotty Foster about this course and its relationship with a new farming cooperative being established in Canberra in a podcast on Soundcloud here. This conversation was recorded at radio 2XX in Canberra as part of the program Behind the Lines.

Introductory gardening sessions. These sessions will be designed for beginner gardeners and for plotholders just starting out in their allotment. They will be a mixture of online and face to face sessions. These will be held every month. Details of the subject matter to be covered will be available here shortly.

Advanced gardening sessions. These sessions are for those who are not new to gardening but who want to know more. These will include visits to commercial market gardens and farms and more advanced topics such as grafting and pruning, using lacto-bacillus in composting as well as standard Indore composting and much more. Like the introductory gardening sessions, these are being planned monthly.

Sustainable Living Workshops. These sessions will cover topics related to preserving the harvest such as bottling and drying, making jam and/or chutney, pressing grapes, depending on the Farm’s produce as well as topics related to reducing your food footprint.

Other Topics. From time to time there will also be guest speakers at the City Farm as well as question and answer sessions with experts on various topics.

Our podcasts on sustainable living and the monthly gardening podcasts will continue throughout 2021 as will the activities of the YouTube Review Group.

Allotment Holders Website forum. This is a new initiative we will be introducing in 2021 where plot holders will be invited to ask questions related to any gardening issues they may have at their plot.

More details on all these educational activities will be posted on the website as soon as they become available. If you have any subjects or activities you would like the education program to cover, please email your suggestions to