Food Box

Get your fresh local produce straight from the region.

Sign up now to the new multi-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) food box being coordinated by Southern Harvest.

Community Supported Agriculture is a system that directly connects local farmers with local consumers.

As a customer you purchase in advance a share of a farmer’s (or group of farmers in this case) produce and then receive your fruit and vegetables as they are harvested. This forms a network of individuals who have agreed to support one or more local farms, with both growers and customers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

How does this work?

You pay in advance a deposit or full payment and we’ll provide to you on a seasonal basis (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) a fruit and vegetable box – plus we’ll have other options for you to purchase online to include in your box, such as eggs, honey and bulk goods.

How to collect?

Your food box will be available for collection at one of the following locations (note: pick-ups will only occur at each location when at least 10 people are registered at that location) on Thursdays or Fridays from 5pm to 6pm:

  • Canberra City Farm, Dairy Road, Fyshwick
  • Food Co-op Shop, ANU
  • Old Canberra Inn, Lyneham

About the box

  • Contains seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Weekly collection
  • 13 week season
  • Direct from farmers in the Southern Harvest Region
  • Priority given to Certified Organic and Organic Produce
  • Extra items available for purchase, including extra fruit, honey and eggs. Please indicate if you are interested in some of our other options: meat boxes, stocks, kombucha, bread, cakes and preserves.


  • $36 — made up of $30 for the food box plus $6 processing fee for Southern Harvest. The money going to Southern Harvest has reduced from $5 to $4 and an extra dollar has been added to the box price so there is $2/box/week to fund 2 boxes for volunteers. Southern Harvest have recognised the volunteers need more to thank them for the work they do towards implementing the scheme.

What you’ll need to do

  • Email to indicate your interest in getting involved for the next season and we’ll notify you when the next season is going to start
  • Pay a deposit, or the full amount up-front

Payment Options

Secure your order with:

  • $108 deposit for 3 weeks worth of produce OR
  • $458 full payment for 13 weeks worth of produce

Get started now

Order online at: OR email us for an invoice at:

Ordering deadlines and sample box ingredients for upcoming seasons are available online.