Grafting Workshop 2021

This workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn from our local experts, Jonathan Banks, whose Pialligo Apples orchard has conserved a lot of the apple history of Canberra, and Mark O’Connor whose Feijoa conservatorship in Canberra is another one of our unknown National treasures. Jonathan’s assistant Otis, will also be helping on the day.

When and Where

Saturday 7 August 2021 – 10.30 am till 4pm at Jonathan’s Farm behind the Pialligo Apples roadside stall at 10 Beltana Rd, Pialligo.

Limit – 15 participants. Also, if you want particular varieties of apples, plum or quince, select from the list (below) and tell us before the day. Take home one or more plants you have grafted yourself.

Costs and inclusions

$120 per person. = Basic workshop participation, materials and light lunch ($90), grafting knife (modified fruit knife) $10, apple tree (MM106 rootstocks provided, plus your choice of scion, $20). Total $120. Additional scion/rootstocks that you graft ($18, limit 10 or by arrangement). Additional rootstocks ($10). Additional scion wood, from variety list ($ 8 per set). Contact here with specific scions, if you want specific ones

Light lunch and refreshments provided (Soup, bread, fruit and biscuits, tea and coffee – please advise of any food intolerances/allergies/limitation)

Content and Objectives:

  • Understand principles of grafting and why grafting is used.
  • Assemble and demonstrate traditional tools for grafting, including showing how to make a grafting knife.
  • Learn various grafting techniques and their suitability. In particular, techniques for pome fruit (apples, pears, quinces etc), stone fruit (plums) and feijoas. Young and old trees.
  • Participants will view and discuss various results of grafting (apple, plum, elm) and Observe a variety of grafted trees in the orchard, showing results of different grafts.
  • Participants to practice hand cutting of scions (using traditional willow)
  • Participants to graft one or more young trees for their own use

Grafting materials (tape, sealant, meths), grafting knife and potting mix supplied. Bring own secateurs and grafting knife, if you have them.

Rootstocks – apple rootstocks (MM106, bare rooted) available on the day (limit 10 per participant), quince, pear and feijoa seedling rootstocks by pre-arrangement (email us). Citrus (Seville orange seedlings) also available by arrangement.

Scions – apple, quince and plum varieties from Pialligo Apples orchard available. List appended. Pre-order preferred if you want to specify the varieties. Not virus tested. Feijoa scions listed are also available via pre-order.

Available apple scions

Acid RedGolden DeliciousPrince Edward
Blenheim OrangeGranny SmithPrinzapfel
Blundell’s apples (17 c.v.)GravensteinQueen of the Snow aka Lady of the Snow
BonzaJerseymacRed Delicious
Belle de BoskoopJonathanRed Granny
BramleyKidd’s OrangeRome Beauty
Calville Blanc d’HiverKing ColeSnow (Pomme de Neige)
Christmas Apple aka Devonshire QuarrendenKing DavidStatesman 3
CleopatraKing of the Pippins aka Reine des ReinettesStewart Seedling
Cox’s Orange Pippin (Fleming’s)Lady WilliamsSturmer Pippin
Cox’s Orange Pippin (Rattling)Latvian Apple aka Winter TransparentTiger
Cox’s Orange Pippin (Red)Lord LambourneTydeman’s Early
DemocratLuxembourg ReinetteVista Bella
Egremont RussetMacintoshWorcester Permain
English RussetMutsuYarlington Mill (cider apple)
FiremanNewton’s AppleYates
GalaPink Lady 
Geeveston FannyPippin 

Other Fruit Scions available

Buerre BoscGreengage (Reine Claude)Apollo
Buerre HardyMirabelleDuffy
Winter NellisDamsonRobbie
 Santa RosaEleanour’s Early
Rae’s MammothMariposa 
PortugalSatsuma (old CV) 
 Black Friar 
NottinghamElephant Heart 
DutchKing Billy