COVID-19 and us

What COVID-19 means for Canberra City Farm activities

Canberra City Farm cares about our community of members and friends and the broader community and environment in which we exist.  We have a commitment to your well-being.  This means in the current Health State of Emergency, we are postponing all our face-to-face public activities – Workshops, Tours, Monthly Mingles and Working Bees. We have made various activities available through Zoom, so that people are still able to learn and practice new skills at home. 

Members are still be able to come to the Farm to tend their plots, operate their enterprises and to help with Farm maintenance tasks, unless there is a complete Lock Down. Meanwhile, we have received approval from the Environmental Health area of the Office of the ACT Chief Medical Officer to continue these functions during the Health State of Emergency, so long as we comply with the Rules set out here.

  1. Only people who are working on their plots, or their enterprises, or doing necessary farm chores are to be on the Farm.
  2. If other people need to be present for a specific purpose, please contact us by email the day before to seek permission:
  3. No one who is sick (for whatever reason) should be on the Farm.
  4. If you cough or sneeze at the Farm, do so into your elbow.
  5. No more than 2 people working on a plot or together on a task.
  6. There must always be 1.5-2 metres between any two people.
  7. Wash your hands when you arrive at the Farm at one of the pop-up or permanent sinks at the Farm.
  8. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  9. Either carry your own hand towel, which only you should use and which you take home between visits or use paper towels to dry your hands.
  10. Where we are selling to the public, eg wicking bed, plants  or produce, wear disposable gloves.
  11. Wear disposable gloves when you have any concerns about surfaces you may be touching.
  12. There is surface disinfectant to wipe down sinks, handles of doors or tools etc, in the toilets and at the LESS shed sink.