Items for purchase

The Canberra City Farm Online Store offers a range of items for purchase or pre-ordering, which have either been grown and made at the Canberra City Farm, or locally in the area.

All purchases contribute to the ongoing viability of the Canberra City Farm, allowing it to grow and thrive.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please contact us

Grafted Feijoas Plants

  • “Nursery style” Feijoas (ungrafted) = $5.00 each
  • Grafted Feijoas — high fruiting varieties: $20.00

Jams and various other preserves

  • Small jar = $5.00
  • Medium jar = $8.00

Various types of seeds

  • 1 pack = $3.00

Worm Wee

  • 1 litre = $9.00

Wicking Bed Kits

      • “Bottom Half” Kits = $180
      • “Top Half” Kits = $170

    Prices include: IBC bottom half (food-grade plastic interior) + metal pallet (for “Bottom Half” Kits only), Metal support frame, 5m x 100mm Slotted Ag pipe, 2mx2m Geotextile non-woven fabric, 2 x Drainage ports, Polypipe fill tube, Scoria to pack the edges of the water reservoir is also available upon request: $10/32L, Delivery of up to three IBC kits to Canberra suburbs = $50.

Cellophane Bags for Snacks & Lunches

    • 100% bioedegradable cellophane bags made from all natural cellulose by-products (derived from things like wood and cotton); 207mm x 102 mm, with 48mm expandable sides
  • $5 per 25 bags (incl. postage); $4 per 25 bags (picked up from the Farm).

Items for pre-ordering

Pre-order your seedlings

If you are interested in ordering and purchasing seedlings from Canberra City Farm, please complete the seedling survey. The results will provide us with an idea as to where we should direct our efforts. If we have left out seedlings you would like to see us raise, please add them to the list. This survey is not an obligation to purchase any plants from Canberra City Farm, but rather a way of getting an indication of what you would like to see offered for sale.
Complete the seedling survey