The Canberra City Farm Propagation Group objectives are to:

  • learn how to successfully propagate plants from seed to harvest, with most of the emphasis on growing the seedlings to ‘plant out’ stage and to assist in the sustainability of Canberra City Farm itself;
  • propagate beneficial flowers and herbs to encourage a more diverse and balanced garden; and
  • propagate (in the future) other plant types and experiment with other propagation methods other than seed sowing.


The Propagation Group will meet at the Canberra City Farm Education Centre, in Dairy Road Fyshwick, at times associated with seedling raising. The three stages that will involve a Propagation Group workshop at Dairy Road are:

  • The first workshops will be to sow seeds into trays.
  • The next step in this process is normally ‘pricking out’ the seedlings into larger pots.
  • The third stage is preparation for sale or disposal.

The Propagation Group members will be responsible for caring for the seedlings within their own homes in the intervening periods.


Seedlings raised by the Propagation Group will be used in the gardens at Dairy Road and some will be specifically raised for sale at events, or to Canberra City Farm and Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS) members, or other markets as the group develops, raising funds for Canberra City Farm. Group members will also have access to a limited number of seedlings for their own use.

For those who participate as Propagation Group members and raise seedlings for Canberra City Farm, seed, seed raising mix and potting mix will be supplied.

All seedlings raised will be specifically for the Canberra environment and by taking seasonal suitability into account. Organic and heirloom seedlings will be given priority, and unusual varieties will not be excluded.

Anyone is welcome to join this group no matter your level of experience with propagation and gardening. We will guarantee from your involvement you will learn something and also teach someone else something.

Pots, punnets and trays: Please don’t trash them. The Propagation Group will need them. When you are next visiting Dairy Road, please take all of your spare pots, punnets and seed trays with you and leave them in the shed.

Canberra City Farm Seedling Survey

For the Canberra City Farm Propagation Group to produce any seedlings, we need to know what seedlings you would consider purchasing from us. Along with this, we also need to get some idea of the numbers of different seedlings you would require.

If you are interested in purchasing seedlings from Canberra City Farm, would you please take a few minutes to fill in this seedling survey. The results will provide us with an idea as to where we should direct our efforts. If we have left out seedlings you would like to see us raise, please add them to the list.

This survey is not an obligation to purchase any plants from Canberra City Farm, but rather a way of getting an indication of what you would like to see offered for sale.

Complete the seedling survey