Canberra City Farm has a ‘value-add’ group to turn produce from the Farm, and any other excess seasonal produce available, into preserves.

These preserves are sold at events to help fundraise and promote Canberra City Farm. At present we are running this project as a pilot with the idea that it may become a self-funding enterprise in the future and contribute to the longer-term sustainability of the Canberra City Farm.


From 8 May 2017, there has been a fully-equipped commercial kitchen available for use at the Canberra City Farm for preserving.

This for-profit enterprise provides other businesses with hired access to the commercial kitchen, the equipment and the facilities to start their own food businesses, or to assist with their current operations. It is not a charitable venture, but if you wish to start or test a food idea and don’t have the funds to hire the kitchen, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Working bees

Working bees are held when produce is available and are a great opportunity for people to come together and share their preserving techniques. So far the preserves we have made from Canberra City Farm fruit are: fig jam, relish and buttons; plum compote, sauce and jam; and shiraz jelly. We are currently experimenting with Shiraz Vinegar.

Get involved

You can get involved in, or assist with, this group by:
•    joining the Value-Added Group, which coordinates preserving activities including working bees.
•    donating any of your excess produce to Canberra City Farm suitable to be turned into preserves.
•    giving us any spare clean jars that we will replace with new lids and fill with preserves.
•    helping out on a market or festival stall selling preserves and promoting Canberra City Farm.
•    contributing your favourite preserve recipes for working bees or Canberra City Farm newsletter.
•    attending a working bee to help build up our stock of preserves or learn preserving tips from other volunteers.
•    buying our preserves!

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.