COVID Lockdown instructions from
10 September 2021 until further advice

We again sought instructions from ACT Health about the presence of members on the Farm during the remainder of the lockdown. Canberra City Farm was only considered a “primary industry” activity, so far as it is necessary to ensure adequate supply of food to, and care of, animals and maintenance of crops. However, we have now been moved into the outside leisure activity, but without the limitation of having to be in your region,because of our food role as well.

Accordingly, the Farm rmains closed to the general public and all group activities are postponed until the lockdown lifts. 

Up to 5 members at a time are now allowed to spent up to 2 hours on the Farm in a day, as their 2 hours of outside activity. However, to attend you MUST complete our on-line roster to be found here. Please remember that you cannot stay any longer than two hours in any 24 hours and try to share time with others.

Any one present on the Farm must comply with the ordinary lockdown responsibilities So if you do come out to the Farm to look after an area, please:

  1. record your presence using the QR code on the Check in Canberra App;
  2. wear face masks;
  3. maintain social distancing requirements: and
  4. complete the roster a roster to ensure we only have 5 people on the site at any one time.

For those of you who receive food boxes from Southern Harvest, as a food provider Southern Harvest Services will continue, with strict requirements in relation to mask wearing and social distancing.

A short introductory video about Canberra City Farm by one of our members Pablo Careaga

Welcome to the Canberra City Farm website – new pages appear from time to time as what we do changes, so keep an eye out.

We welcome new members to the Farm and, once the current Health State of Emergency is over, we hope once again to welcome the broader community as well. Surrounded by the Jerrabomberra Wetlands, we are also home to many small insect-eating birds, who work hard with their human companions to keep the garden and farm areas healthy in a sustainable, organic way. We also have the bees from the ACT Beekeepers Association’s hives working to pollinate our trees and plants.

If you would like to join us, please fill in the membership form and come along to a Working Wonders session or a Farm Tour on Monday and Thursday at 9.30am by emailing info@ccfarm.org.au and putting “Farm Tours” in the subject line. Other times are possible by arrangement – at the same contact.

See Activities for some of your options for participation. For the current protections we have in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 for people who attend Canberra City Farm, please check here.

CCF Survey

We have put together a short survey to get feedback from our members and the community about Canberra City Farm, and would appreciate a few minutes of your time for your participation.  Click here to access the survey.

What’s coming up in September?

To see a list of events coming soon click here. Our propagation course has been postponed from 15 August to 19 September due to lockdown. If anyone has booked and can’t come on the new date, please email us and we will arrange a refund. Jarrod has agreed to conduct the course via Zoom if we are still unable to have face-to-face sessions. If it is face-to-face, it will be held outside and with everyone wearing masks and social distancing, as it seems unlikely that these public health measures will be lifted with the number of on-going COVID infections in the ACT.

Our Introduction to Market Gardening course is underway. This month the final session of the Crop Management for Gardeners module will be held via Zoom. For more information about the complete Market Gardening course click here or email mgtraining@ccfarm.org.au.

Our September gardening podcast is now on-line as well as the eleventh edition of our Sustainable Living Podcast which features Edwina Robinson from the Climate Factory speaking about growing micro forests in Canberra. To listen to these latest podcasts, click here.

Each month we are holding a You-tube gardening and sustainable living video review session – like an electronic book club, if you like. We had our first session in November and these sessions will be continuing during 2021. To indicate your interest and get onto the Zoom call, email info@ccfarm.org.au.

People who may be interested in learning about and growing indigenous food plants should email info@ccfarm.org.au with Indigenous food plants in the subject line. We are hoping to start an exciting new project soon and will put you on the mailing list for updates. Some of the activities are likely be on weekdays and some on weekends, so let us know your preference. Here’s your chance to learn and grow food plants that have been on our Canberra landscape for thousands of years.