Other Products

Canberra City Farm has its Enterprises and collaborators, as well as members who provide services relevant to the Farm’s work. We provide a space here for them to place advertisements about their products and services. These are not our products, and we provide the advertising space as a service to them and those who use our website. Any of these products or services are bought direct through them.

Global Worming Products

One of our on-site enterprises, Global Worming, has the perfect additions to your garden ready for purchase. Choose liquid worm castings for a beautiful boost to your soil right now, or live composting worms if you would like to start your own worm farm (see pricing above). The liquid worm castings are available in 1L bottles ($10.00), 5L bottles ($40.00), and 15L drums ($90.00).

Please get in touch with Global Worming directly to purchase these products at globalworming@mail.com

Canberra Permaculture Design – including Wicking Bed Kits

Cally Brennan provides permaculture assistance for the Farm and its education sessions, as well as consultancy design services for people who would like to work out a permaculture plan for their yard or larger areas.

Her business also sells wicking bed kits similar to those Canberra City Farm used to sell, as well as a groovy smaller version – both at very competitive price. She also has some great do-it-yourself videos. All the information and how to buy them can be found on on her website.