Sustainable Living Podcast, Episode 26 – March 2023

Julie Armstrong – Founder of ACT for Bees

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 26: In this episode Keith talks with Julie Armstrong, the founder of ACT for Bees. Keith and Julie talk about the importance of bees and other pollinators for food production and for maintaining a healthy ecosystem on which we all depend. They talk about the important work ACT for Bees does in educating people, particularly children, about the essential contribution bees and other pollinators make in our food production systems. Julie describes their work with Cool Australian Curriculum in developing the Australian Curriculum aligned “Love Food? Love Bees!” for students of various ages. These integrated units explore the importance of bees and enable students to take real and bee-friendly action in their community. ACT for Bees as a group are involved in a wide range of activities and provide a large range of resources on their website which can be accessed here.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 26 – Julie Armstrong – ACT for Bees


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