Sustainable Living Podcast – July 2022

Patchwork Urban Farm – Karina Vennonen

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 21: This episode features Karina Vennonen, founder of Patchwork Urban Farm. Keith and Karina talk about some of the issues faced by small market garden start-ups in Canberra. Karina describes Patchwork Urban Farm and how it operates in Canberra’s suburbs using under-utilised backyards to provide high quality, spray free produce to customers. To find out more about Patchwork Urban Farm and to enquire about their produce box scheme or to contribute your back yard to the Patchwork Urban Farm network, click here.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 21 – Karina Vennonen – Patchwork Urban Farm


Gardening Podcasts

Keith Colls and Vanessa Goss are having a break from recording the Canberra City Farm’s gardening podcasts. However, you can still get any gardening advice you need from Keith either by attending the Canberra City Farm Plant Clinic on the first Monday of the month between 10 am and midday or by emailing your questions to Keith and Vanessa at info@ccfarm.org.au.

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