A selection of tomatoes at Canberra City Farm

With the limitations from CoVid-19 and the success of our first Zoom teaching sessions, we have reached out further into the brave frontier of the Internet. What we have found is that people like to be able to listen and learn some things in the comfort of their own favourite listening places.

With the help of our very experienced broadcaster, Canberra City Farm past President and Gardening guru, Keith Colls at the helm and his able and trusty assistant Vanessa Goss, Canberra City Farm is now producing our own podcasts. These will cover:

  • what to do in your Canberra food garden throughout the year and each month; and
  • interviews with local food producers, people doing interesting things in our community such as growing food, using food and discussing food security and people trying to change the world in many positive ways .

These will be a regular feature for you to listen to whenever it works for you. If you have any questions, please email podcast@ccfarm.org.au and Keith will answer it on the next podcast, or if we have enough questions, he may even do an additional one.

March 2021

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 5: In this episode Keith talks to Scotty Foster about Cooperatives, Commons and Communities Canberra, also known as CoCanberra. CoCanberra was formed in 2016 and its purpose is to create a series of Climate Cooperatives to address the immediate climate crisis and its cultural causes and through them to implement a vision of a cooperative commonwealth starting here in Canberra and its surrounds. Scotty describes how these cooperatives work and in particular two which are in the process of development, the Pre-Power Cooperative which installs solar power equipment on roofs which provides electricity at a considerable discount for members and the Soil City cooperative farm which is a first step in encouraging small scale regenerative farming in the local district to supply affordable, nutritious, organic food for the local population. Scotty also presents long format interviews on the 2XX program “Behind the Lines” where these and related issues are explored in more detail. The interviews are available as podcasts in “Align in the Sound” on Soundcloud.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 5 – CoCanberra


Vanessa and Keith recording the podcast

March in the Canberra Garden 2021: Autumn has arrived. Summer has been very kind to us this year, much milder and wetter than last year, so we have all had good crops (apart from a few fungal problems). This is the busy preserving time of the year, bottling, drying, freezing and fermenting our excess for winter. This month Keith and Vanessa talk about what to do in the garden in March and the pests we need to keep a look out for at this time of year. Now is the time to plant our winter vegetables, although it may be a little late from some of the brassicas and other crops which take a long time to mature but it is still worth a try in the early part of the month. Our compost heaps should be in full swing dealing with all the old plant material from our summer crops.

March in the Canberra Garden 2021


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