The Feel of Summer

Keith Colls and Vanessa Goss are having a break from recording the Canberra City Farm’s gardening podcasts during the first half of 2022. However, you can still get any gardening advice you need by emailing your questions to Keith and Vanessa at info@ccfarm.org.au.

Please note that the monthly Sustainable Living podcasts will continue as before.

January 2022

® Slow Food International

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 15: In this episode Keith talks to Walter Steensby, Convivium Leader of Slow Food Canberra. Walter and Keith discuss the work of Slow Food. It is an international movement with its headquarters based in Italy where it was formed. It has branches (convivia) in many countries, including Australia. Within in each country there are many local convivia. Walter explains the relationship of the local and country convivia with the international headquarters. Walter also describes the work undertaken by the local Canberra Convivium. More information about the Slow Food movement internationally can be found here. The work undertaken by the Canberra Convivium can be found at their website here.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 15 – Walter Steensby, Convivium Leader of Slow Food Canberra


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