Spring is in the Air

With the limitations from CoVid-19 and the success of our first Zoom teaching sessions, we have reached out further into the brave frontier of the Internet. What we have found is that people like to be able to listen and learn some things in the comfort of their own favourite listening places.

With the help of our very experienced broadcaster, Canberra City Farm past President and Gardening guru, Keith Colls at the helm and his able and trusty assistant Vanessa Goss, Canberra City Farm is now producing our own podcasts. These will cover:

  • what to do in your Canberra food garden throughout the year and each month; and
  • interviews with local food producers, people doing interesting things in our community such as growing food, using food and discussing food security and people trying to change the world in many positive ways .

These will be a regular feature for you to listen to whenever it works for you. If you have any questions, please email podcast@ccfarm.org.au and Keith will answer it on the next podcast, or if we have enough questions, he may even do an additional one.

September 2021

Edwina Robinson and Thor Diesendorf planting a micro forest Photo:by Gary Marshall

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 11: In this episode Keith talks to Edwina Robinson founder of The Climate Factory about establishing micro forests in Canberra. They discuss the importance of growing trees, shrubs and other vegetation as micro forests in urban areas. These forests reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect as climate change brings about increasingly hotter, drier conditions in our urban areas. Edwina explains how replacing hard impermeable surfaces with micro forests reduces the impact of increasing temperatures through allowing better water infiltration into the soil to support plant growth which results in cooling from increased evapotranspiration and shading. Edwina describes several micro forests in Canberra and where they can be found. For more information about The Climate Factory as well as tips and courses on how to establish a micro forest in your own community or on your own block, check out the web site here.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 11 – The Climate Factory – Micro Forests in Canberra


Vanessa and Keith recording the podcast

September in the Canberra Garden 2021: This month Keith and Vanessa talk about which plants can be started in September for Spring and Summer. Keith provides advice about which pests to keep an eye out for and where to find them as the weather starts to warm up, particularly aphids but also codling moth later in the month depending on how quickly the temperatures warm up. It is also time to cut your green manure crop and dig it in, or crimp it if you are going to use it as a summer mulch for your vegies. Listeners questions are answered about which flowers to grow in the vegie garden to attract beneficial insects, particularly those which will keep your pests under control and those which pollinate your crops. If you have any gardening questions you would like Keith to answer please send them here.

September in the Canberra Garden 2021


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