Sustainable Living Podcast, Episode 30- August 2023

Mark Spain – Co-founder of Regen Canberra

Sustainable Living Podcast, Episode 30, features Regen Canberra. This month Keith talks to Mark Spain, Co-founder with Lizzy Smith of Regen Canberra. Regen Canberra aims to facilitate the building of a regenerative culture within the city and it surrounds. Mark and Keith discuss the nature of a regenerative culture and the values which underpin such a community. Mark outlines what Regen Canberra would like to achieve and identifies a number of organisations in the ACT already working in this space. To find out more about the work of Regen Canberra or join in its work, Mark can be contacted via Canberra City Farm canberracityfarm@gmail.com or See-Change hello@seechange.org.au.

Mark Spain – Co-founder of Regen Canberra


Gardening Podcasts

Keith Colls and Vanessa Goss are having a break from recording the Canberra City Farm’s gardening podcasts. However, you can still get any gardening advice you need from Keith either by attending the Canberra City Farm Plant Clinic on the first Monday of the month between 10 am and midday or by emailing your questions to Keith and Vanessa at info@ccfarm.org.au.

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