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With the limitations from CoVid-19 and the success of our first Zoom teaching sessions, we have reached out further into the brave frontier of the Internet. What we have found is that people like to be able to listen and learn some things in the comfort of their own favourite listening places.

With the help of our very experienced broadcaster, Canberra City Farm past President and Gardening guru, Keith Colls at the helm and his able and trusty assistant Vanessa Goss, Canberra City Farm is now producing our own podcasts. These will cover:

  • what to do in your Canberra food garden throughout the year and each month; and
  • interviews with local food producers, people doing interesting things in our community such as growing food, using food and discussing food security and people trying to change the world in many positive ways .

These will be a regular feature for you to listen to whenever it works for you. If you have any questions, please email podcast@ccfarm.org.au and Keith will answer it on the next podcast, or if we have enough questions, he may even do an additional one.

July 2021

Josie Grenfell and Annabel Schweiger

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 9: In this episode Keith talks to Annabel Schweiger and Josie Grenfell about Food2Soil. Food2Soil is a startup which was created about eighteen months ago and creates high quality fertiliser from food waste using a fermentation process, “kombucha” for plants, diverting food waste from landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions entering into the atmosphere. Annabel and Josie describe how this liquid fertiliser is a biostimulant which stimulates and feeds the soil microbiology leading to increased soil fertility and enhanced plant growth. It can also be used as a foliar treatment for plants, as a fertiliser and as a disease control agent. More information about Food2Soil can be found on the website here.

Sustainable Living Podcast – Episode 9 – Food2Soil


Vanessa and Keith recording the podcast

July in the Canberra Garden 2021: This month Keith and Vanessa talk about which plants can be started in July for spring and which seedlings can cope with the frost. They also discuss whether or not to mulch seedlings at this time of year. Keith provides advice about which pests to keep an eye out for and where to find them at this time of year. Listeners questions are answered about which are the best tools to buy for those new to gardening, whether or not to wear gardening gloves, what needs to be done in the orchard and what is the best time to water plants in winter. Keith and Vanessa also discuss the causes of brassicas bolting to seed in Spring as soon as the weather starts to warm and how to avoid it, and much more.

July in the Canberra Garden 2021


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