Regular Events

Working Bees

Each Monday morning we have a Working Wonders morning, where people do various tasks around the Farm. A weekly or fortnightly email goes out to people who have expressed interest by signing up through the Working Wonders part of the banner on the right hand side of each page. This tells people what work tasks are on the next week or fortnight. It can include pruning, propagating, removing stumps, planting trees, repairing tools, mowing, watering,weeding and many other tasks, depending upon the season. The email covers tasks that can be done in the week or fortnight, and the information about what is needed is provided by people who have taken responsibility for specific jobs around the Farm. Different people come at different times. Most people are there from 10-12, but you are welcome before or after that. There is usually tea, coffee and a cake or biscuit available around 11.30am or you can bring your own.

Each Thursday people also come together regularly and complete tasks from the weeks plan. Sometimes that morning, we go down to As Nature Intended (a local coffee shop) for a bite to eat and a cuppa.

If you are interested in a weekend working bee once or twice a month, please email us at Also let us know if you have specific interests on what you might want to do eg building, gardening, tree-care etc.

Monthly Mingle

On the 3rd Sunday each month from midday to 3pm we have a regular Monthly Mingle. These are social occasions where we share lunch and chat about things of mutual interest. In the colder months we often fire up the pizza oven. These are excellent relaxed occasions to get to know other members of the Canberra City Farm, find out what is going on around the farm and talk about things of mutual interest.