Education Activities

Our education subcommittee is in the process of finalising the education calendar for the first half of 2022. When it is complete it will appear here .

There is still some uncertainty because of the Omicron strain of CoVid19, but because of the high levels of vaccination in the ACT we hope that most education sessions in 2022 will be face to face given the high levels of vaccination in the ACT. We still have the option to run a mix of both online Zoom sessions and face to face sessions if necessary.

Introductory gardening sessions. These sessions are designed for beginner gardeners and for Allotment holders just starting out in their allotment. They are a mixture of online and face to face sessions. These aim to be held every month. When these courses have been finalised more details and calendar of courses will be available by clicking here.

Advanced gardening sessions. These sessions are for those who are not new to gardening but who want to know more such as our Grafting Workshop.

Sustainable Living Workshops. These sessions cover topics related to preserving the harvest such as bottling and drying, making jam and/or chutney, pressing grapes, depending on the Farm’s produce as well as topics related to reducing your food footprint.

Other Topics. From time to time there will also be guest speakers at the City Farm as well as question and answer sessions with experts on various topics. If Omicron allows we also hope to arrange some farm visits during 2022.

Our podcasts on sustainable living will continue throughout 2022 as will the activities of the YouTube Review Group.

More details on all these educational activities will be posted on the website as soon as they become available. If you have any subjects or activities you would like the education program to cover, please email your suggestions to