The Department of Broccoli

One of our Monaro Purple garlic braids

We are a family-owned business who specialises primarily in many different and unusual varieties of garlic (sold as loose garlic, gift braids and seed/planting garlic) but we also do grow broccoli! We grow heirloom vegetables in an environmentally sustainable way, using only organically-approved inputs to our farm. Additionally we make jewelry and skin-care products from our own herbs. The Department of Broccoli holds an annual Christmas and Garlic Market (this year it is on Sunday, December the 13th from 10am to 1pm at Canberra City Farm – see our Website for details) and we also sell directly to the public through our own FarmHouse Direct online store. We supply Southern Harvest food boxes and the Cook Grocer.

Our Spanish Roja seed garlic
Katie and Evan on the farm
Katie and Evan on the farm
Heirloom tomato varieties